Different people have different aesthetics. When we talk about aesthetics, we usually think about how we can decorate our surroundings according to the things and colours we enjoy. While some of us like to have a pretty minimalistic aesthetic, many of us usually prefer to have something that is quite eye catching and colourful. Now that the topic of colour, one thing that definitely must be highlighted is the fact that colours also determine the aesthetic of a person, or what they could be leaning towards. People who like a more minimalistic aesthetic prefer to go for lighter or neutral shades, like beige, browns, whites and also mix some contrasting darker shades or lighter shades for some more definition. Otherwise, people who prefer colourful surroundings prefer going for something that is of a quite bright colour.


    If you are ever asked to name five colours one by one, then it is pretty much a guarantee that pink is one of the colours that you will be taking the name of. Pink is one of the most popular colours in the whole wide world and there are a huge number of shades of pink that people like. There are several dark shades of pink like hot pink and neon pink as well, while there are several lighter shades of pink that people love. There are also shades of pink that have a tint of other colours in them, and combining pink with other shades creates different colours which are also very unique Aesthetic Neon Signs.

    Pink is a colour that is primarily made by mixing red and white in different proportions. When you mix more white with less red, the combination will create a light shade of pink whereas if you go for a slightly higher amount of red and a lower amount of white, you will be ending up with a brighter shade of pink. Now, in order to create a wider spectrum of shades, you will be needing to mix more colours to come up with newer results. Colours like peach, coral, salmon, punch, rouge, etc., are all different shades of pink created by mixing white and red with a bit of other colours as well.

    Symbolism of Pink According to Colour Theory

    If you believe in colour theory, then you might be wondering what pink could possibly symbolise. According to colour theory, pink symbolises innocence and mischief, especially lighter shades of pink. Bright shades of pink Emo Aesthetic symbolise happiness and love. Darker shades of pink could symbolise more complex emotions like passion and list.

    Hot Pink Aesthetic

    In this article, we will be focusing on the colour Hot Pink Aesthetics and see some cute side related to it.

    • If you like hot pink colour, you can go ahead and get yourself some new phone accessories of that colour. You can get yourself a new phone case of that colour or you can get yourself a laptop sleeve also.
    • If you are thinking about doing something new for yourself look wise, and are feeling quite bold, now is the perfect time to dye your hair hot pink. You can either go for a full head of colour or you can also get highlights.
    • Some hot pink outfits for summer is the perfect way to update your summer wardrobe.

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